Applying for a passport or identity card if you live abroad

Are you a Dutch national living abroad? And do you want to renew or apply for a Dutch passport or identity card (ID card)? Due to the corona virus, the possibilities to apply for a passport or ID card at an embassy or consulate-general are limited. This also applies to applications at an office of an external service provider such as VFS Global. It is still possible to apply for a passport or ID card at the passport counter at Schiphol or via a border municipality in the Netherlands. Choose the country where you live and check if it is possible to apply.

New ID card

From 2 August 2021, all ID cards issued to Dutch nationals aged 12 and older will include copies of two of their fingerprints and a QR code with their citizen service number (BSN). You should know:

  • Until 12 July 2021 inclusive, it will still be possible to apply for an ID card in the current format.
  • From 13 July to 1 August 2021 inclusive, for technical reasons, it will not be possible to apply for an ID card at an embassy or consulate-general. If you need to apply for a travel document before 2 August, you can apply for a passport.
  • From 2 August 2021, applicants will receive an ID card in the new format. Please note: when you apply, you will have to have your fingerprints taken. This will require you to come to the embassy or consulate-general in person.