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+31 247 247 247

The NetherlandsWorldwide contact centre can always be reached by phone: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Good to know: if we call you back our phone number will not be visible. 


From the Netherlands and all other EU countries local call rates apply. If you call from a country outside the EU you will pay international rates.

If you are outside the EU and want to avoid high phone costs, you can call an embassy or consulate in your area. It will put you through to the contact centre.

WhatsApp in English: +316 8238 8055

WhatsApp in Spanish: +316 5105 9688

Add this number to the contact list on your smartphone. Or send us a message via the web version of WhatsApp by clicking on the link above.

Please note

  • You can only use this number for WhatsApp. You cannot call or text us on this number.
  • We will only respond to your WhatsApp message if it is sent in a private chat. If you or someone else sends us a message in a WhatsApp group, we will not respond.
  • Do not share any privacy-sensitive information with us via WhatsApp. For example, a citizen service number or a copy of a passport.

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