Application form for a Dutch passport or ID card abroad

If you want to apply for a Dutch passport or ID card abroad, you’ll need to complete an application form. You can complete the form on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Services website. 

You will need an account to complete the passport application form. If you already have an account, you can log in and complete the form.

  • Go to the Consular Services website and click ‘Create an account’. Please note: you may receive a notification asking you to confirm that you’re human. This is for security purposes. Tick the box to make the notification disappear.
  • Fill in your email address to receive a code. Enter the code in the ‘confirmation code’ field.
  • Enter your password and name.
  • In the next step, select your country code and enter your phone number. You can choose to receive a text message or a spoken message.
  • If you pick the text message, you will receive a text message from ‘msverify’. Use this code to confirm your phone number.
  • If you pick the spoken message, you will get a phone call. During this phone call, you will be asked to press the # symbol on your phone to confirm your phone number.
  • Your account is now ready to use.

  • Log in to the Consular Services website.
  • Click ‘Travel Documents’ on the right.
  • Click ‘Fill out the application form’ at the bottom of the page. Follow the steps you see on the screen. 
  • Once you have completed the application form you can download and print it. Take the completed form with you to your appointment. 
  • If you want to download or print the form at a later time, you can find all your completed forms under ‘My Application Forms’. 
  • If you are completing the form for your child who is under the age of 18, you must also give written consent if you or the other parent is unable to attend the appointment. You can do this by completing and signing the consent form

You need to complete the application form if you want to apply for a new passport or ID card. If you live abroad, the Dutch government may not necessarily have your current details. You must therefore complete the form to apply from abroad. You need to complete the form every time you submit a new application. In addition to the form, you will also need other documents with your application. Once you have all these documents you can make an appointment.

Find out what documents you need to apply for a Dutch passport or ID card

  • No. You must print the form and take it with you to the application location. This is because you must sign the form, and that cannot be done digitally. If you don’t have a printer, save the form and print it somewhere else before your appointment. 
  • You can access all your completed forms in your account under ‘My Application Forms’.