Information from the government of the Netherlands

Dutch lockdown measures tightened

In the Netherlands, lockdown measures have tightened in response to concerns about new variants of the Corona virus (see Lockdown measures tightened in response to concerns about new variants of virus | News item | The aims of the new measures are to reduce the current infection rate, delay the spread of the original and new coronavirus variants and prevent the new variants’ entry into the Netherlands as much as possible. In this light, the Dutch government is also introducing additional travel restrictions to further restrict the number of travel movements. For instance, all passengers travelling to the Netherlands by air or sea from high-risk areas must be able to produce a negative result of a rapid COVID-19 test performed shortly before their departure. The test must not have been performed more than four hours prior to boarding the aircraft. This requirement is in addition to the existing mandatory negative test result for a PCR test performed no more than 72 hours before arrival in the Netherlands. KLM has since set up a rapid COVID-19 test facility at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. All the necessary information on this rapid COVID-19 test can be found in the below KLM flyer. Passengers (including transit passengers) travelling to the Netherlands on other airlines are advised to contact their respective airlines to receive the latest information in this regard. Wish to travel to the Netherlands? Checkout our checklist with 7 key steps including information on the entry ban currently in place: Checklist for travel to the Netherlands | Coronavirus COVID-19 |

25-01-2021 | 14:28