4 and 5 May 2020

Commemorate all those who suffered and fell through the atrocities of war, both at home and abroad, and reflect on the vulnerability of 75 Years of Freedom Every year on 4 May, The Netherlands commemorates all those, civilians and military, who died or were murdered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and in other parts of the world, since the start of the Second World War, the Holocaust, and in other conflicts and peace operations. 75 years have passed since the end of WW II and few men and women who fought and survived are still alive. Their passing makes it more important than ever to remember them and others. To never forget what they fought for, what they lived through and what kind of future they wanted for their children and grandchildren. The Dutch community in Auckland and Lucy Powell organise a yearly commemoration at the Dutch Monument in Parnell Rose Garden in Auckland. This year we commemorate digitally and from our homes. We share with you video messages from Ambassador Mira Woldberg, NZ Minister of Defence and Veterans Hon Ron Mark, MP Marja Lubeck, and a wreath laying by Honorary Consul Sake Hitman. This year, on 5 May the Dutch also celebrate 75 years of freedom. Freedom cannot be taken for granted. It requires maintenance and active citizenship. It requires respect for human rights, human dignity and the rule of law. History has taught us that we all have a responsibility, a role to play to defend and promote freedom and democracy. We have to stand up against injustice. Let us celebrate 75 years of freedom and continue to work together to ensure freedom worldwide, especially now the COVID-19 virus creates so many challenges to our freedom. HE Ambassador Mira Woldberg View video: 4 and 5 May 2020 – 75 Years of Freedom

06-05-2020 | 02:56

Message from Ambassador Mira Woldberg

Dear all, At the time of writing this message we celebrated Kingsday 2020 and are looking ahead to other important Dutch national days.   The Dutch National King’s Day is the day in which we celebrate the birthday of His Majesty King-Willem Alexander. A day which unites everyone. This year however, it was a national day in a world where nothing seems to be the same.  Although our national day could not be celebrated by orange parties, eating bitterballen and playing games, as it was done for so many years, we still celebrated from home. As celebrating unity is more important than ever. Uniting against COVID-19 and showing solidarity with people around us; elderly, medical staff, people working in supermarkets, farmers who provide our food and other people worldwide facing even greater challenges. New Zealand showed how to unite against COVID-19. While abiding with lockdown Level 4 measures, the country was not only able to flatten the curve but it actually squashed it, as The Washington Post so rightfully stated! An impressive result of a team of 5 million as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said. But the work is not yet completed. It will take more time and more persistence worldwide. At the Dutch Embassy in Wellington we just completed the repatriation of 1700 stranded Dutch and EU nationals. We worked around the clock to assist seven special flights to help people leave New Zealand. There were thousands of stranded Dutch travelers including students who participated in exchange programmes, young people working in tourism on Working Holiday Visas and many visiting family and friends in NZ. All were overwhelmed by the rapid pace of developments in March with lockdown measures and borders closing. Many were desperate and worried about the lack of prospect to return home, or having a suitable self-contained place to stay in New Zealand. During this period while many of you experienced anxiety and worries about your own health, the health of relatives here and abroad and the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and maybe your jobs, it was great that so many Dutch New Zealanders helped out by offering a place to stay. I would like to thank everyone for the solidarity that you have shown so generously to the stranded Dutch travelers and those in need!  I would like to also pay attention to a very important event next week. An event where the Netherlands and the Dutch worldwide commemorate 75 years of Freedom. On 5 May 1945, the Netherlands was liberated from German occupation. An event was planned to commemorate our liberation and the people we lost with NZ Minister of Defence Hon. Ron Mark, MP Marja Lubeck, Dutch school children, the Dutch Club Auckland and Lucy Powell and myself at the Dutch war monument in the Parnell Rose Garden in Auckland. In light of COVID-19, this is no longer possible. However, we will commemorate virtually and I would like to call on all of you to observe one minute of silence on 4 May to remember the people we lost in WW II, and on 5 May to celebrate from your homes Liberation Day and 75 years of Freedom. To honour those who fought for our freedom and to realize freedom is fragile and a responsibility of all of us. Freedom can never be taken for granted. Please take good care of yourself and remember to call and check upon people around you. Be Kind, Stay Safe and Healthy! Mira Woldberg Ambassador

30-04-2020 | 05:07

Important Update Domestic Travel and Repatriation Flights New Zealand

Vandaag kondigde de Nieuw Zeelandse regering aan dat binnenlandse reizen weer worden toegestaan voor reizigers die op weg zijn naar een bevestigde internationale vlucht om NZ te verlaten; zij worden gezien als essentiële reiziger. Alleen reizigers met een ticket voor een internationale vlucht kunnen een binnenlandse vlucht boarden mits niet langer dan 24 uur voordat de vlucht vertrekt. Ook kondigde de regering een kader aan met vereisten om speciale charter/repatrieringsvluchten van andere landen te faciliteren. Men wil dat gefaseerd doen om grote drukte op de luchthaven te voorkomen. Opnieuw staat ook hier de bescherming van de publieke gezondheid voorop. We hopen u zo spoedig mogelijk te laten weten wat dit concreet betekent voor reizigers die zich hebben geregistreerd voor het BBB arrangement. Zodra er concrete opties zijn voor NL reizigers in NZ benadert de alarmcentrale u rechtstreeks.   Omdat speciale vluchten gefaseerd zullen worden toegelaten blijven er ook nog steeds commerciële vluchten vertrekken. Qatar Airways heeft toestemming gekregen om twee keer per dag te vertrekken vanuit Auckland via Doha naar andere bestemmingen. Graag uw aandacht voor de vereisten van de NZ regering als het gaat om binnenlandse reizen: Vereisten voor vertrek van reizigers vanuit hun zelf isolatie locatie: Binnenlandse reizen mogen alleen worden ondernomen met als doel het bereiken van de luchthaven, reizigers moeten in het bezit zijn van een ticket voor een internationale vlucht voordat het is toegestaan om de lockdown accommodatie te verlaten. Onderstaand is een overzicht met alle eisen waaraan reizigers moeten voldoen (in Engels): If taking a domestic flight to connect with their international flight, that flight must be scheduled to depart no earlier than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the international flight. They have a confirmed airline ticket for an outbound international flight. They have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, or if they have recovered from COVID-19, have a medical clearance to travel. They do not have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. They have not been tested for COVID-19 and awaiting test results. They are not a close contact of a suspected/probable/confirmed case of COVID-19. They have not travelled internationally within the last 14 days. De volgende transportvormen zijn toegestaan om direct naar de internationale luchthaven te reizen: Self-drive (including a rental car) Private vehicle driven by a friend or family member within your current bubble Taxi or ride-sharing services Chartered vehicle services Land based public transport Domestic flights Ground transportation to Auckland and Christchurch Airports For the purposes of repatriation of foreign nationals, travel to the airport meets the threshold of an essential journey. When using ground transportation, guidelines around physical distancing are to be maintained. Transport providers should check travellers are in possession of a valid ticket prior to embarkation.Travellers with rental vehicles should ensure that the vehicle is returned to its provider. Domestic Air Travel to Auckland or Christchurch Airports Passengers may take a domestic flight to Auckland or Christchurch airport to catch a connecting international flight.  The scheduled international flight must be within 24 hours of the passenger’s domestic flight. We encourage you to monitor the domestic flight schedules of domestic operators.  For your information, the latest Air New Zealand domestic schedule has been published today at: https://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/travel-alerts#BNulhVqpJzBSugsgqqaP Arrival/check-in at Auckland or Christchurch Airport If arriving by domestic flight, passengers must as soon as possible collect their luggage and proceed to the international terminal. When entering the international terminal passengers must present their passport and ticket at security to be allowed entry. Any foreign national who arrives at the airport without a confirmed airline ticket for travel will be refused entry into the terminal and will need to self-isolate in accordance with New Zealand Government requirements.  A health check will be conducted at domestic and international airports on arrival depending on airline requirements, to ensure that any passenger that presents COVID-19 symptoms would not be able to travel.  Should a foreign national fail this health check or refuse to complete it, they will not be permitted to travel and may be placed into 14 day quarantine.  Passengers must proceed to their international flight check-in, through the necessary checks to go air-side, and remain air-side until they board their international flight and leave New Zealand. Voor updates en andere aanwijzingen van de NZ regering verwijzen wij u naar website www.covid19.govt.nz Naar aanleiding van vragen over de Duitse repatriëringsvluchten willen we benadrukken dat Duitse burgers prioriteit krijgen. Duitsland is bereid om de meest urgente gevallen van andere EU landen mee te nemen. Dit betekent dat max. twee NL reizigers per reis mee kunnen terwijl er vele reizigers zijn. De NL ambassade is met o.a. de EU vertegenwoordiging hierover in contact. Het heeft geen zin om met de Duitse ambassade contact op te nemen. We begrijpen dat u allen zo spoedig mogelijk naar huis wil vertrekken. Echter, omdat meerdere landen tegelijkertijd werken aan het vertrek van hun burgers zullen we nauw moeten afstemmen met andere landen, de alarmcentrale en luchtvaartmaatschappijen om te voldoen aan de NZ-vereisten. Dat betekent dat ook nu geduld nodig is. Een aantal commerciële vluchten blijft niettemin vertrekken.

02-04-2020 | 04:44

Important Information Domestic Travel New Zealand

NZ government announced that after midnight Friday 27 March(23.59) domestic travel will only be permitted for the transport of people undertaking essential services and the transport of freight. Non-essential service travellers will not be permitted to take domestic flights to connect with international flights after this time. A domestic flight to point of international departure is not considered essential travel in the current environment. Please refer to www.covid19.govt.nz Public transport is only available for those working in essential services, and for medical reasons. Travellers will need to check with public transport providers in their locations about options for travelling to the airport. Note that travelling by private vehicle to the airport is allowed. Auckland International Airport is only open for travellers with a valid passport and a confirmed international airline ticket that is valid through to the final destination. Should airline tickets include international transfer/ transit points which have been placed under restriction/s or closed by third governments, passengers will not be permitted to depart given the possible risk of return to New Zealand. Please make sure you check that all transit points for your journey are still possible. For flight tickets back to the Netherlands we strongly advise you to only book these by recognized travel centers or directly from the airlines, there are still commercial flight options. However there are also tickets circulating online with transits which are not possible any more.  Please note:   Exemptions for transit in Australia remain possible on a case by case basis. Please visit   https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/news-media/current-alerts/novel-coronavirus for more information and contact the Dutch Embassy by email if you experience issues with the exemption.

27-03-2020 | 03:43

New Zealand Prime Minister Announces COVID-19 Alert Level 3

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has just announced that NZ has moved up to COVID-19 Alert Level 3. After 48 hours, NZ will then move to COVID-19 Alert Level 4. NZ is preparing to go into self-isolation as a nation to contain the spread of coronavirus. NZ government is now asking all New Zealanders who are outside essential services to stay at home, and to stop all interactions with others outside of those in their household. These measures will need to be in place four 4 weeks, and will then be reviewed. Level 3 from March 24, 2020: Non-essential businesses must close such as bars, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, libraries, and museums. Essential services will remain open such as supermarkets, banks, GPs, pharmacies, and service stations. Put in place physical distancing of staff of 2 metres, or use appropriate personal protective equipment. All events and gatherings must be cancelled. This means weddings, birthday celebrations and other gatherings. Public transport and regional air travel is restricted to those involved in essential services and freight. Domestic air travel is permitted in some cases for people to leave the country and to get home to self-isolate. Private travel is allowed. Schools will be closed except to children of essential workers who still need to go to work each day including doctors, nurses and police. Schools will close completely when NZ moves to Level 4. Further details are available at www.covid19.govt.nz

23-03-2020 | 04:29

COVID-19: Informatie voor Nederlanders in Tanzania, 17 maart 2020

Beste Nederlanders in Tanzania, We hopen dat dit bericht u in goede gezondheid bereikt. Ingrijpende maatregelen rondom het Coronavirus (COVID-19) volgen elkaar wereldwijd in grote snelheid op. Deze maatregelen om verdere verspreiding tegen te gaan, zijn verschillend per land en worden soms rigoureus ingevoerd. Dat roept veel vragen op bij reizigers, Nederlanders in het buitenland en verontruste familieleden. Afgelopen weekend heeft het Nederlandse kabinet aanvullende maatregelen genomen in de aanpak van COVID-19. Scholen en kinderdagverblijven sluiten tot en met maandag 6 april. Datzelfde geldt voor eet- en drinkgelegenheden en sportclubs. De druk op de zorg in Nederland neemt toe. Wat zijn de laatste ontwikkelingen in Tanzania? Op dit moment is er één geval van COVID-19 in Tanzania officieel bevestigd (Kilimanjaro-regio). In de aanpak om verdere besmettingen van COVID-19 te voorkomen treffen ook hier de lokale autoriteiten, (internationale) scholen en ambassades (preventieve) maatregelen. De situatie kan snel veranderen. Er kunnen inreisbeperkingen worden ingesteld voor reizigers uit andere landen waar COVID-19 is vastgesteld. Deze en andere maatregelen kunnen elkaar snel opvolgen. Het kan beperkingen opleveren voor het in- en uitreizen en het dagelijkse leven. In het reisadvies worden deze ontwikkelingen geactualiseerd. Met de app BZ Reisadvies bent u altijd op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen in een land. U kunt zich hiertoe via de BZ-informatieservice registreren. Voor de laatste ontwikkelingen in het land volg de aanwijzingen op van de lokale overheid, voor o.a. het bijwonen van publieke gelegenheden, en volg het nieuws. Welke voorzorgsmaatregelen kan ik treffen? Volg de adviezen van het Landelijk Coördinatiecentrum Reizigersadvisering (LCR), Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid (RIVM) en de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO). U treft daar ook informatie om te bepalen of u tot een risicogroep behoort. Was regelmatig goed uw handen, snuit uw neus in papier en gooi het papier na het snuiten weg, was uw handen daarna weer goed. Dit geldt ook voor als u hoest en niest. Raadpleeg onmiddellijk een arts als u koorts en luchtwegklachten krijgt. Houd er rekening mee dat vliegtuigmaatschappijen vluchten in snel tempo kunnen annuleren of opschorten. Lees de laatste informatie over wijzigingen in het luchtverkeer op de Engelstalige website van de International Air Transport Association (IATA). Mocht u voornemens zijn om Tanzania te willen verlaten, dan adviseert de ambassade dit vroegtijdig te doen gezien het toenemend aantal geannuleerde vluchten van en naar Tanzania. U dient dit zelf te regelen via commerciële luchtvaartmaatschappijen. De ambassade adviseert u daarbij een goede afweging te maken tussen de huidige situatie in Nederland en het risico op waarschijnlijk niet adequate zorg in Tanzania in geval van verdere verspreiding van COVID-19 in Tanzania. Hoe kan ik de ambassade bereiken? Alleen Nederlanders die zich hebben aangemeld voor de BZ-informatieservice of lid zijn van de Facebook Group NedVerTan krijgen dit bericht. Misschien kent u nog landgenoten aan wie u dit bericht kunt doorsturen, ook om hen te wijzen op de mogelijkheid zich te registreren voor de BZ-informatieservice. De ambassade blijft vooralsnog gewoon open. Voor aanvullende vragen kunt u ook terecht via het 24/7 BZ-contact center +31 247 247 247. Volg ook de sociale media van de Nederlandse ambassade voor actuele updates, o.a. via Facebook en onze website. En wederom: blijf gezond! Met vriendelijke groet, Lianne Houben Chargée d’Affaires a.i.

17-03-2020 | 13:15