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How do I apply for a DigiD from abroad?

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You can apply for DigiD from abroad via Collect your activation code in a video call with Netherlands Worldwide. Or by visiting a DigiD service desk in the Netherlands or abroad. You need the activation code to activate your DigiD.

Attention: If you receive, or will soon be receiving, a Dutch General Old Age Pension (AOW), you can apply for DigiD via the Social Insurance Bank (SVB). You will not need to go to a DigiD service desk or make a video call.

Conditions for applying for DigiD

  • You have Dutch nationality or the nationality of another country within the European Economic Area (EEA). If you are not a Dutch national or national of another EEA country, you may be able to apply for a DigiD another way.
  • You have a valid passport or identity document from an EEA country. Please note: driving licences are not accepted.
  • You have a citizen service number (BSN). If you do not have a BSN, find out how to get one.
  • You are registered in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI). You do not need an RNI-extract when you apply for a DigiD.
  • You have a telephone which can receive text messages (SMS) both in the Netherlands and abroad
  • You have an email address

After submitting your application

Once you’ve applied for a DigiD at, you’ll be sent a service desk code by email and by SMS. Your service desk code is valid for 30 days.

You will need the service desk code to collect your activation code from a DigiD service desk in the Netherlands or abroad. You can also collect the activation code in a video call with a Netherlands Worldwide staff member.

Collecting a DigiD activation code abroad

Activate DigiD

Activate your DigiD within 21 days after collecting the activation code. You can activate your DigiD via

Using another EU-approved login key

If you don't have a DigiD, but do have another EU-approved login key, you can use this to access and use the online services of Dutch organisations including the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), Tax Administration, the Education Executive Agency (DUO), the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB), the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) and the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW). You do not require a DigiD.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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