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How can I get a DigiD for my child if I live outside the Netherlands?

Go to to apply for a DigiD for your child. You can do this even if you live abroad. Then make an appointment to collect your activation code by video call with Netherlands Worldwide or in person at a DigiD service desk in or outside the Netherlands. Use this code to activate your child’s DigiD.

How can I apply for a DigiD for my child?

Parents or guardians of children under 14 can help them apply for a DigiD. Fill in your child’s details on the online application form at

Conditions for applying for a DigiD

Collecting an activation code

When you submit the DigiD application you will receive a collection code. Use this code to collect the activation code for your child’s DigiD. You can collect the activation code in various ways. You need the activation code to activate your child’s DigiD. 

Activate your child’s DigiD within 20 days of collecting the activation code. You can do this at or in the DigiD app.

What does my child need a DigiD for?

A DigiD is a secure identification tool for using various online services in the Netherlands. This includes government services and the services of healthcare institutions. You can also use DigiD from outside the Netherlands. 

Other matters you can arrange for your child

If you live outside the Netherlands, there may be other matters to arrange for your child.

Find out what else you can arrange for your child


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