What is an EU-approved login key?

EU-approved login keys can be used to log in to the websites of public sector organisations to manage your affairs in other European countries.

Many European countries use login keys for managing affairs online. The Netherlands uses DigiD for example. When a country’s login key is approved by other European Union countries, it can be used in those countries as well.

Dutch public sector organisations

It is already possible to log in to the websites of many Dutch public sector organisations using a login key from another European country. In most cases, a citizen service number (BSN) is required.

Dutch public sector organisations that accept login keys from other European countries 

Peer review of login keys

EU member states test the security of a login key and whether it protects users’ privacy.  

Some login keys have not yet passed this phase. That is why it is not yet possible to use all login keys from other European countries to log in to the websites of Dutch public sector organisations.

EU-approved login keys by country

European login with DigiD

DigiD is also an approved European login key. With DigiD, you can manage online affairs with government organisations affiliated with European login.

Logging in to government agencies affiliated with European login is only possible with:


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