Activate your ID card’s DigiD login function

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You must activate your ID card’s DigiD login function before you can use it for login purposes.

Activating the login function in 3 steps

There are 3 steps to activating your ID card’s login function:

  1. After you have collected your new ID card you will receive a letter from DigiD with a PIN. If you apply for your ID from abroad, you can have the letter with the PIN sent to a correspondence address. That can be your home or other address abroad or an address in the Netherlands. You provide this address when you apply for your ID card.
  2. Use this PIN to activate your ID card’s login function in Mijn DigiD. You do not have to do this within a certain window of time.
  3. Change the temporary PIN to a personal PIN.

Didn’t receive your letter, lost your letter or forgot your PIN?

Contact the DigiD helpdesk.

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