Collecting a DigiD activation code abroad

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You must collect your activation code from a DigiD collection point within 30 days of receiving the service desk code. The code will be sent to you when you apply. DigiD collection points are located at Dutch representations abroad and offices of the Representation of the Netherlands in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands.

Many DigiD collection points are open by appointment only. If you arrange an appointment before you have applied for your DigiD, make sure you will be able to collect your code in time.

Attention: If you are abroad, you can also collect your DigiD activation code via a video call. Are you going to the Netherlands anytime soon? Then you can go to a DigiD collection point in the Netherlands.

DigiD collection points abroad

DigiD collection points in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands

Bring with you

  • Your service desk code, starting with a B. You will receive your service desk code in a text message (SMS) and in an email once you have applied for a DigiD. Your service desk code is valid for 30 days.
  • Your valid identity document (passport or identity card).
  • Your Dutch citizen service number (BSN), if it is not on your passport or ID card.
  • The phone of which you entered the phone number when you applied for your DigiD.
Attention: You will need to collect the activation code in person. No one may collect it for you. If you want to collect an activation code for your child, your child must also be present during the appointment.

Don't have a service desk code yet?

Don't have a service desk code yet? You will receive this by SMS and email after your DigiD application. Has your DigiD code expired? Then apply for a new DigiD. You will receive a new DigiD code with your application.

Forgot your DigiD username or password?

Have you forgotten your DigiD username? Then apply for a new DigiD. Have you forgotten your password? Then you can request a new password for DigiD by e-mail or text message. You do not need to make a new appointment at the DigiD desk.

Activate DigiD

During the appointment, you will receive your activation code via SMS on the phone number which you entered when you applied for your DigiD. Once you have the activation code you can activate your DigiD. Activation can be done via Tip: activate your DigiD as soon as you have the code and before you leave the building so you can get help if you have any problems.

The activation code is valid for 21 days. Be sure to activate your DigiD within 21 days, otherwise you will need to submit a new DigiD application.