Applying for a Dutch passport or identity card if you live in the Philippines

If you want to apply for a Dutch passport or ID card and you live in the Philippines, follow this step-by-step plan.

Step 1: Create your personal checklist

Creating a personal checklist will show you what documents you need in order to apply for a passport or ID card. Create a separate checklist for each application. This means one for you and one for your child, for instance.

When you have created your checklist, go to step 2.

Step 2: Check the additional requirements

Your personal checklist (see step 1) will show you that you also need documents from the Philippines in order to apply for a Dutch passport or ID card.  You can also see whether your documents need to be legalised and translated.

Step 3: Make an appointment

Once you know which documents you need, you can make an appointment in the Philippines or the Netherlands. Make a separate appointment for every application you wish to submit.

Appointment in the Philippines

Appointment in the Netherlands

Step 4: Go to your appointment

You must submit your passport or ID card application in person. Even applicants under 18 must appear in person.

Step 5: Collect your passport or ID card or have it sent to you

You will receive an e-mail when your new passport or ID card is ready. You must collect your new document within 3 months or have it sent to you. After that, it will be destroyed.

On the page How long is the application process for a Dutch passport or ID card abroad you can read more about the processing time of a passport or ID card.

Travelling abroad from the Philippines

If you plan on travelling to another country from the Philippines, you will need an Emigration Clearance Certificate. Even people under 18 require this.

You can apply for one as soon as you have your new Dutch passport. To apply, contact the Philippines Bureau of Immigration. It takes at least 2 weeks before your certificate is ready.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.