Checklist moving back to the Netherlands (remigration)

If you live abroad and want to move back to the Netherlands use this step-by-step plan. It will guide you through what you need to do before and after your return.

Organising your return can take quite some time. There’s a lot you have to do and you may encounter waiting times along the way. Give yourself plenty of time. Exactly what you can and must do depends on your personal situation, including the country you’re moving from and the municipality you’re moving to.

This step-by-step plan will direct you to the information you need from relevant organisations, which you can access using the links in each section. Bear in mind that you may not always find an answer that corresponds to your exact situation. In some cases you may have to contact the relevant organisation directly for further information.

Step 1: Preparing for your return

Step 2: Moving to the Netherlands

Step 3: Registering with a municipality and contact with the Dutch government

Step 4: Arranging healthcare and health insurance

Step 5: Arranging money matters and income

Step 6: Arranging work, studies and civic integration

Step 7: Arranging childcare, education and healthcare for your child