What is Message Box?

Message Box is your personal mail box for receiving mail from the Dutch authorities. This includes messages about your tax returns, benefits or pension, for example. Message Box is a feature of MijnOverheid.

Attention: You must activate your MijnOverheid account before you can use Message Box. This involves selecting your personal preferences. Find out how to activate your MijnOverheid account.

Logging in to see your messages

You will be able to view your messages in Message Box after you have logged in to MijnOverheid. You can also use the Message Box app. The messages in your Message Box are always saved and will not be deleted unless you delete them yourself.

Physical or digital mail

In Message Box you can receive digital mail only from participating organisations that use MijnOverheid (information in Dutch). You decide which of these organisations you receive digital mail in Message Box from. You can specify this in Message Box under ‘Instellingen’ (Settings) and ‘Organisaties’ (Organisations). However, you cannot opt out of receiving mail from the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst).

If you choose to receive your mail digitally, that is in theory the only way you will receive mail (i.e. you will no longer receive physical mail). This means you will no longer be dependent on physical mail delivery services. Some organisations may, however, decide to send physical and digital mail, in which case you will receive both.

Attention: Digital mail in Message Box is always in Dutch.

How do I know if I have new mail in my Message Box?

If you’d like to receive an automatic email when there’s a new message in your Message Box, turn on email notifications. You can do this by logging in to MijnOverheid with your DigiD and going to ‘Instellingen’ (Settings).

Question about a message in Message Box

If you have a question about a message in your Message Box, contact the organisation that sent you the message directly.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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