How do I regain my Dutch nationality?

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If you live outside the Netherlands and have lost your Dutch nationality, you can regain it in two ways: via the option procedure or by naturalisation.

Proportionality check and the option procedure

If you’ve lost your Dutch nationality in or after 1993 and are not a national of another EU country (other than the Netherlands), then you also lose the rights you had as an EU citizen. Such as the right to travel freely between EU countries.

If you need EU rights, for example, to travel for your work, the Dutch state may be able to restore your Dutch nationality. You will need to prove that your loss of EU citizenship is a serious disadvantage for you. To do this you need to do the proportionality check. The proportionality check is done via the option procedure.

Answer the questions in the list ‘Have I lost my Dutch nationality?’ to see whether you are eligible for a proportionality check. The message you get after answering the questions will also explain how the option procedure works and what documents you need.

Have I lost my Dutch nationality?


If you are not eligible for either the option procedure, you may be able to regain your Dutch nationality through naturalisation. 

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