Coronavirus: applying for a passport or identity card

The global development regarding the COVID-19 virus has far-reaching consequences for the services provided by Dutch embassies and consulates-general worldwide, including external service providers such as visa agencies.

This means that until at least 6 April 2020 no passport applications, visa applications for short and long stays (authorization for temporary stay, mvv) will be collected via embassies, consulates-general and visa agencies.

Other services, such as DNA tests, identity screening, the legalization of documents and the 'basic civic integration examination abroad' will not take place during this period. 

Attention: you can apply for a passport or ID card via a border municipality in the Netherlands. Via the link below you can find out which documents you will require for your application.

I need a Dutch travel document?

Only in absolute necessity: your travel document has expired and you have to travel immediately for medical or humanitarian reasons, you can still travel directly - demonstrably with a recent ticket, to prove that the airline indeed can land without a travel ban for Dutch citizens. At this moment can you make an appointment with the embassy. 

You can also make an appointment with the embassy if you can prove that you urgently need a new passport to extend your legal stay in the country of application.

Can I still apply for a Dutch Identity Card (NIK)?

No, at this moment applying for a Dutch Identity Card is not possible. Only if you reside within the EU and do not have any other valid proof of identity and you can prove that you have to and are able to travel for a medical or humanitarian reason. Demonstrable by a ticket, and the guarantee that the airline operates the flight, only then you can make an appointment with the embassy by telephone.

With the measures to prevent Corona contamination, do I still have to visit the embassy in person?

Yes, there is no deviation from the regulation and obligation to appear. 

My passport has been stolen, can I still apply for a Laissez Passer at an embassy?

Only in case of an emergency, if you have to travel immediately and you can prove this with a valid and recent ticket, at that moment you can make an appointment at the embassy. 

I need a passport, but cannot travel to the embassy due to medical reasons. Can the embassy employee visit me using the mobile fingerprint system?

No, no the MVA is not used. 

Is the passport desk of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer currently open to non-residents of the Netherlands?

No, in principle the desk is closed.

I am a non-resident Dutch national staying in the Netherlands. I am in an emergency situation and I immediately need a travel document. Can I still apply for a passport at the passport desk at Schiphol?

If you can prove that you must and can travel immediately (you have a valid ticket, the airline is flying?) and that for this reason you need a new passport immediately, you can call 0900 - 1852 (Municipality of Haarlemmermeer) or if you cannot call a 0900 number: 0031 247 247. In such cases, the KMar can provide an emergency passport.

I have been informed that my new identity card/passport is ready. The document must be collected within three months. The document cannot be sent and I cannot collect it within three months. What should I do?

Under the current circumstances, the embassies will keep the passport for you for a longer period. You can pick up your passport as soon as the counter is open again. Please keep an eye on the website of the embassy and

I need to apply for a Dutch passport, if not I might lose my Dutch nationality

Only if you risk losing your Dutch nationality (due to the 10-year term) can you apply for a Dutch nationality certificate by e-mail.