Passport or identity card

If you are a Dutch national living abroad you can apply for a passport or identity card at a Dutch embassy or consulate. You can also apply at several Dutch border municipalities and at Schiphol Airport.

You can use a passport or identity card (ID card) to identify yourself and to travel abroad. For people aged 18 or over, both documents are valid 10 for years. For minors under 18 they are valid for 5 years.

Difference between passports and identity cards


A national passport is an identity document that allows you to travel anywhere in the world. Dutch passports contain an electronic chip with an image of the holder’s fingerprints, to prevent forgery and abuse. Before you travel, you should check if you need a visa for your destination.

Identity card

ID cards are only valid for travel to the EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Turkey.

On you can find out more about the differences between passports and ID cards (in Dutch).

Passports and ID cards for children

All children need their own passport or identity card to travel abroad. They can no longer be added to a parent’s passport. If you are planning to travel with your children, please be aware that specific rules apply for travelling with minors (website in Dutch).


Dutch nationality certificate

If you are only applying for a passport or ID card in order to keep your Dutch nationality, applying for a Dutch nationality certificate is a cheaper alternative. You also won’t need to come to the embassy or consulate in person.

Dual nationality

If you have dual nationality and don’t apply for or renew your Dutch passport on time, you could lose your Dutch nationality.

Citizen service number (BSN)

If you have a citizen service number (BSN) it will be recorded in your passport or on your ID card. It forms part of the personal information in your travel document.

If you don’t have a BSN, this information will not be included in your passport or on your ID card. You can leave the field on the application form blank.