Working in the Netherlands (for residents in Croatia)

Do you currently live in Croatia? And are you thinking about working in the Netherlands?

As of 1 July, Croats are free to engage in work on the labour market

Entry requirements (visa, work permit)

The website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) tells you what conditions you need to satisfy and what documents you need if you want to work in the Netherlands.

Citizen service number (BSN)

If you are going to work in the Netherlands, there are a number of things you will need to arrange with the Dutch authorities. For this you need a citizen service number (BSN). See how to get a BSN.

Tips and leaflets

The 'New in the Netherlands' section on gives you lots of information about living and working in the Netherlands. There you can also find leaflets for European citizens who want to relocate to the Netherlands.

Contributing to the Dutch economy, culture or science

Are you a highly skilled migrant or an investor? Or are you starting a business? If you can contribute to the Dutch economy or to Dutch culture or science, you are more likely to be admitted to the Netherlands.

Working in the Netherlands for people from this country or region

Croatian citizens working in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, like many European countries, back then made use of the possibility of postponing the right of workers to freedom of movement. This on account of economic circumstances at the time in our country. A Croat was only allowed to work in the Netherlands when his employer held a valid work permit for persons from outside the European Economic Area. In 2015 this so-called transitional regime was extended for a further three years until 1 July 2018.

Given the current favourable economic situation there is no reason to extend this transitional period once more. Therefore, as from 1 July 2018, Croatian citizens no longer need a work permit for persons from outside the European Economic Area to work in the Netherlands.

Also, a Croat may no longer lodge an application for testing against the EU law (proof of lawful residence). A valid Croatian passport or ID card is adequate proof that a Croat is residing legally in the Netherlands and may work freely.

Herewith, Croatian citizens and citizens of other EU/ EEA countries and Switzerland are on the same footing.

Please see the web site of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service for more information