Where can I find my citizen service number?

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Your citizen service number (BSN) can usually be found on your Dutch passport, identity card or driving licence. You can also look it up online on MijnOverheid. Dutch payslips, annual salary statements, health insurance cards and health insurance policies have your BSN on them too.

Locating your BSN on a Dutch passport, identity card or driving licence

You can usually find your citizen service number on your passport, identity card or driving licence if these documents were issued by the Netherlands.


Looking up your BSN on MijnOverheid

You can look up your BSN online on MijnOverheid. Once you have logged in using your DigiD or a recognised means of eID from another European country, click ‘Identiteit’. You can then click through to your personal data.

Locating your BSN on a health insurance card

Your BSN usually appears on a Dutch health insurance card under ‘BSN’ or ‘personal identification number’.

Don’t have a BSN?

If you don’t have a BSN, read about how to get one or how you can get a citizen service number for your child.

What is a BSN?

Read more about a citizen service number


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