Reporting a change relating to my sickness benefit from the Netherlands

Changes in your situation can affect the sickness benefit you receive from UWV. That is why it’s important to report them in good time, even if you live outside the Netherlands. You can do so using the Mijn UWV portal, by filling out and sending in the change of circumstances form or by phone.

Which changes should I report?

Various changes in your situation can affect your sickness benefit. For example, if you have recovered or if you have started working again (either full time or part time).

Report all changes in good time

Report any change to UWV within 48 hours of when you learn of it. There are 2 exceptions to this:

  • If you have recovered enough to resume working (either full time or part time), report this to UWV using the Mijn UWV portal no later than on the second day after you have recovered.
  • If you are going abroad on holiday or for medical treatment, or are moving abroad, report this no later than 2 weeks before your departure.

Reporting a change

New address outside the Netherlands

If you live abroad and you are moving to a new address abroad, you can report a change of address online using the Change of Address Abroad service portal. For this you will need a DigiD.

Reporting changes to other government organisations

If there is a change in your situation, you may have to report this to several Dutch government organisations.

Read more about reporting a change to the Dutch government from abroad


If you have a question about reporting a change, contact UWV by phone on +31 88 898 20 01. You can reach UWV on this number from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 17.00 (Dutch time). Have your citizen service number (BSN) close at hand when you call.