Reporting changes that are relevant for your healthcare benefit outside the Netherlands

Changes to your situation can affect the amount of your healthcare benefit, so it is important to report any changes as soon as possible. You can do this online via ‘Mijn toeslagen’ or by calling the international tax information line.

Attention: Notify the Tax Administration of any changes as soon as possible to avoid having to repay money you weren’t entitled to.

What changes affect your healthcare benefit?

  • Changes to your income
  • Changes to your assets
  • Changes to who you live with or share a house with
  • Getting married or entering into a registered partnership
  • Getting divorced.

Reporting changes

Change of address

If you live abroad and you are moving to a new address abroad, you can submit a change of address online using the Change of Address Abroad service portal (information in Dutch). You will need a DigiD username and password for this.

You can also report the change of address to the Tax Administration using the Notification of change of address abroad form (information in Dutch).

New bank account number

If you have a foreign bank account with an IBAN (international bank account number), you can provide your new bank account number via ‘Mijn toeslagen’.

If your bank account does not have an IBAN, you can send a letter to the Tax Administration (information in Dutch) to notify them of your new account number.

After reporting a change

After you have reported a change, the Tax Administration will recalculate your healthcare benefit. The amount could change or you could no longer be entitled to the benefit. You will get a message about any changes in your digital mailbox on ‘Mijn toeslagen’ (information in Dutch) and your Message Box on MijnOverheid. You will also get a letter by post.

Stopping healthcare benefit payments

If you no longer have Dutch health insurance, you will need to stop your healthcare benefit payments. You can do this via ‘Mijn toeslagen’ (information in Dutch) or by calling the international tax information line.

Reporting changes to other government organisations

If there is a change in your situation, you may have to report this to several Dutch government organisations.

Read more about reporting a change to the Dutch government from abroad


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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