How much healthcare benefit can I get outside the Netherlands?

How much healthcare benefit you get if you live abroad depends on your situation. If you have healthcare insurance via the CAK, it depends on what country you live in.

Sample calculation

You can use the calculation tool on the website of the Tax Administration to get an idea of how much healthcare benefit you could get. The tool takes account of where you live.

The online calculation tool is only available in Dutch, but the international tax information line can help you.

Healthcare benefit amounts

On the website of the Tax Administration you will find a table of healthcare benefit amounts (information in Dutch) according to income and whether there is a benefit partner. These amounts are adjusted using a country factor for people living outside the Netherlands.

Benefit partner

If you live with someone, that person might be regarded as your benefit partner. Check if you have a benefit partner on the Tax Administration website (information in Dutch). The Tax Administration will use the combined income of you and your benefit partner to calculate the amount of any benefits.

Country factor

If you live outside the Netherlands and have health insurance via the CAK, the amount of healthcare benefit you get will also depend on the country you live in. The country factor reflects the difference between healthcare costs in that country and those in the Netherlands. If the costs of healthcare are higher, you will receive more healthcare benefit. If they are lower, you will receive less.

See the country factor for your country for people who receive a Dutch pension or benefit (CAK)

See the country factor for your country for family members of cross-border commuters (CAK)

Reporting changes

If your personal situation or your income changes, the amount of healthcare benefit you are entitled to can also change. Notify the Tax Administration of any changes as soon as possible to avoid having to repay money that you weren’t entitled to.

Which changes do I need to report?

If you are moving abroad


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