Checklist for travelling abroad

If you are planning to travel abroad, be well prepared. The checklist for travelling abroad gives you an overview of all the practical matters you need to arrange before you leave. This includes passports, visas, vaccinations and baggage rules.

What to arrange: the essentials

View the travel advice for the country you are travelling to. That way, you'll know whether you can go, if it's safe and what you need to be aware of.

View the travel advice for your destination (information in Dutch)

Make sure you have a valid travel document. Children also need their own, valid travel document.

You can travel to lots of countries on a Dutch ID card. But for other countries, you'll need a passport. A driving licence is not a valid travel document.

See what countries you can travel to on a Dutch ID card (information in Dutch)

Validity requirements

Check how long your travel document must be valid for in order to enter and leave your destination country.

If you are unsure, contact the embassy of the country in question.

Find the embassy's contact details

Take photocopies

Take secure photocopies of your passport or ID card and keep them safe. Be careful who you give them to.

Read how to make a secure copy (information in Dutch)

Make sure you take enough money with you, so you can deal with unexpected situations like quarantine or delays.

Take different means of payment (cash, bank card and a credit card, if you have one). And make a note of your bank's telephone number. That way, you can quickly block your cards if they're lost or stolen.

Travelling outside the EU?

Check whether your bank card has been activated so you can withdraw cash abroad.

If you are taking € 10,000 or more with you, you will need to submit a customs declaration.

Find out how to submit a customs declaration for the money you are taking with you

Taking out travel insurance is not obligatory, but it is advisable. Make sure that you take out a policy that covers your destination and the type of trip.

Emergency support centre

Save the number for your insurer's emergency support centre in your phone contacts.

Check if your health insurance covers healthcare abroad. Be aware of extra costs to cover things like hospital stays or if you plan on doing extreme sports.

If you will be abroad for more than 1 year, check whether you can keep your Dutch health insurance.

Find out more about health insurance abroad

Emergency support centre

Save the number for your insurer's emergency support centre in your phone contacts.

There are rules on what you can take with you abroad. The rules that apply in your case depend on what you want to take.

Find out what items you can take abroad

The travel app can help you stay up to date on the security situation in the country where you're staying. If the travel advice changes, you'll receive an alert on your device.

Download the travel app (Reisapp) (information in Dutch)

Sign up to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Service. That way, the Dutch government will know you're in the country and the embassy can contact you in an emergency or crisis situation.

Sign up to the Information Service (information in Dutch)

Other things to consider

You may need a visa. It depends on what country you are going to and how long you will stay there.

Find out whether you need a visa

Find out whether you need an International Driving Permit (IDP) for your destination. And where you can buy one.

More information about international driving licences

An International Driving Permit is only valid in combination with your Dutch driving licence.

Check whether you can use your Dutch driving licence abroad

Find out if you need a declaration for any medicines you want to take with you.

More information about travelling with medicines

If you're travelling with a pet, check what you need to arrange.

More information about travelling with pets

If you are travelling on your own with minors, arrange written consent from the other parent. Without this, you may be suspected of international child abduction.

Download the consent form

More information about taking minors abroad (information in Dutch)

Let family and friends know what your travels plans are. Agree how you'll stay in touch and give them photocopies of important documents like passports and insurance policies.

Check your mobile bundle. You may need to pay more for calls and data if you're outside the EU.

Save the number of your emergency contact person as ‘ICE’ in your phone contacts. This stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’.

Find out how to save an ICE number in your phone contacts (information in Dutch)

Going abroad for a longer period

Check what you need to arrange if you are: