Informing DUO of changes affecting your student finance

Changes to your personal situation may affect the amount of student finance you receive. So it is important for you to inform DUO as soon as possible of any changes, by updating your personal details in Mijn DUO. 

Attention: Inform DUO as soon as possible of any changes. Otherwise you might have to repay any student finance you were not entitled to.

What changes do I need to report?

  • moving abroad
  • moving from one foreign address to another
  • moving away from home, or going back to live with your parents
  • new bank account number
  • new phone number
  • new email address
  • caring for a child
  • switching courses
  • dropping out of your course
  • prolonging your studies.

What changes affect how much student finance I receive?

Some changes affect your student finance. See whether your change will affect the amount of student finance you receive.

If you are planning to switch courses or drop your course altogether, find out what to do.

Inform DUO of changes

You can inform DUO of any changes that might affect your student finance through Mijn DUO. To log in, you will need your DigiD or an EU-recognised eID

Logging in failed

If you cannot log in to Mijn DUO, inform DUO of the changes using one of the following forms (in Dutch):

After reporting your changes

After you have reported the changes, DUO will see whether the change will affect your student finance. If so, you will receive a message about this in Mijn DUO. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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