How do I deregister when I go abroad?

You must deregister from the municipality where you live in the Netherlands. You do this from 5 days before your departure until the day of departure at the latest. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays also count towards the 5-day period.

Unsubscribe in writing or in person

How to deregister varies from one municipality to another. For more information, contact the municipality where you want to deregister.

You always have to deregister in person if not all the family members (such as your partner and children) at the address move with you.

If you already reside abroad

Are you already residing abroad, but are you still registered with a Dutch municipality? Please contact this municipality.

Proof of deregistration

When you deregister, ask your municipality for an international proof of deregistration. You may need this certificate to register outside the Netherlands. The rules differ from country to country.

How do I apply to my municipality for a proof of deregistration?

Registration in the RNI

The municipality processes your deregistration in the Personal Records Database (BRP). Your details will be entered into the Non-residents Records Database (RNI). The RNI is part of the BRP. Your citizen service number (BSN) will remain valid.

Address abroad

When you deregister you can give your new address abroad. Do you not (yet) have a residential address abroad or is the address not yet known? Then you can pass on your address details at a later date.

How do I change my details in the RNI?

Attention: If you stay outside the Netherlands for more than 8 months during a period of a year, then it is not possible to register for a Dutch postal address.

To whom is my deregistration passed on?

Your deregistration is passed on to a number of (government) organisations. These include the tax authorities, your health insurer and pension funds. This allows these organisations to contact you when necessary.

Who has access to my data in the RNI?

What are the consequences of my deregistration?

Your deregistration from the municipality may affect your arrangements with the government. For example, there may be consequences for your benefits, allowances and the accrual of your  AOW state pension. Contact the organisations you are dealing with for information on the consequences of your deregistration.

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