Who has access to my personal data in the Non-residents Records Database?

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Various organisations have access to your personal data in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI). Exactly which ones these are depends on your personal situation.

Organisations with access to your personal data

Organisations that can access your data include:

  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare organisations, such as hospitals
  • General healthcare organisations
  • Healthcare insurers
  • Pension funds
  • Tax authorities
  • Education Executive Agency (DUO)
  • Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW)

These public sector organisations only have access to the data they need to perform their statutory tasks.

The list of organisations with access to data from the RNI changes with time. A complete overview can be found at (information in Dutch).

What to do if your situation changes

If your situation changes, you will often need to change your details with one or more Dutch government organisations.

Read more about changing details with the Dutch government from abroad


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