EU-approved login keys by country

You can use a growing number of login keys from other EU or EEA countries to manage your affairs with the Dutch authorities online. Check which login keys are currently approved by country.

If you live in one of these countries but do not have a login key, you can apply for one from the organisation that issues them. You may be required to hold a country’s nationality to use that country’s login key. It is therefore not always possible to apply for a login key.

This list is updated regularly. The issuing organisations themselves are responsible for keeping their information up-to-date as well.

Login keys that are not yet approved

If the login key you use isn’t listed above, then it isn’t yet approved for use in other EU member states. You will only be able to use a DigiD to manage your affairs with the Dutch authorities. Read about how to apply for a DigiD if you live outside the Netherlands.

DigiD is not yet approved by other EU member states. It is therefore not possible to use a DigiD to log in to websites of public sector organisations in other European countries. This may be possible from August 2021.


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