How can I arrange health insurance abroad?

If you are moving abroad and cannot keep your Dutch health insurance, take out health insurance in the country where you will be living. The options vary by country. Local organisations can advise you on your choices.

If you will be working abroad, ask your employer for advice on health insurance. The municipality and tax authority in the country where you will be living can also give you advice.

Public or private healthcare

Many countries have separate public and private healthcare systems. There can be a significant difference in quality between them. It is therefore a good idea to look into what is covered under basic healthcare. In some countries it is advisable to take out private insurance.

International health insurance

Instead of taking out health insurance in the country where you will be living, another option is to take out international health insurance. This is private insurance that, in some cases, offers more coverage than local policies.

Moving abroad and receiving a Dutch pension or benefit

If you are moving abroad and receive a Dutch pension or benefit, you may be subject to a reciprocal healthcare agreement, in which case you must pay a premium to the CAK. This applies in countries with which the Netherlands has a reciprocal healthcare agreement.

What you also need to arrange if you’re going to move abroad


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