What is an European health insurance?

International health insurance is a type of private health insurance. You can take it out if you will be temporarily living or travelling abroad. For example, if your Dutch insurance or the policy you have in the country where you will be living does not provide enough coverage.

You can take out international health insurance with any of a number of commercial parties in the Netherlands or abroad.

An alternative to local health insurance

If you plan on taking out health insurance abroad, make sure you understand what healthcare costs your local insurer will cover. If they do not cover the cost of care you think you may need, then you can take out international health insurance.

A supplement to Dutch health insurance

Sometimes you may be required to keep your Dutch health insurance while abroad. Basic Dutch insurance covers medical expenses up to the maximum amount that applies in the Netherlands. In some countries medical care is more expensive and you must pay the difference. If you live in such a country, international health insurance can offer a solution.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about international health insurance options, contact a health insurance provider that offers this type of coverage.

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