Evaluation of a foreign qualification for work in the Netherlands

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If you have a foreign certificate or diploma and want to work in the Netherlands, you need to have your qualification evaluated. Credential evaluation shows what Dutch qualification your diploma or certificate is equivalent to.

Why credential evaluation?

Credential evaluation shows whether your foreign qualification meets the education and training requirements of your future employer. It also gives employers an impression of your knowledge and skills.

Attention: Credential evaluation is only an advice, not a decision.

Do I need credential evaluation?

Check the Nuffic overview of qualifications from over 95 countries and the Dutch equivalent to them.

Does your qualification meet the education and training requirements for the job you want in the Netherlands?

  • No: apply for credential evaluation
  • Yes: you only need to get credential evaluation if your employer asks you for it

Regulated professions

In the Netherlands, certain professions are regulated (protected) by law. Credential evaluation does not automatically entitle you to practise one of these professions. You must first apply for professional recognition by a Dutch professional association.

What is professional recognition and how do I apply for it?

Apply for credential evaluation

Get credential evaluation through

Also check to find out:

I receive a benefit from the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV)

If you are registered as a jobseeker with the Employee Insurance Agency and receive any of the benefits listed below, you need a positive recommendation from your UWV contact person:

  • Sickness benefit (ZW)
  • Invalidity benefit (WAO)
  • Incapacity benefit for self-employed persons (WAZ)
  • Work capacity benefit (WIA)
  • Incapacity benefit for young disabled persons (WAJONG)

Send a copy of the UWV recommendation with your application for credential evaluation. The UWV will pay for your credential evaluation.


A diploma can only be evaluated if you obtained it:

  • in mainstream education at an institution that is accredited and recognised by the government of that country
  • after completing more than 1,000 hours (one school year) of education and/or training

If your diploma is not in Dutch, English, German or French, you need to get it translated by a sworn translator. The Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (information in Dutch) has a list of all the sworn translators in the Netherlands.

How long will it take?

After the IDW has received all your documents and you have paid the fee (if applicable), the process can begin. A regular credential evaluation takes up to 4 months.

Lost your credential evaluation?

Have you already received a credential evaluation, but have you lost it? Choose your situation to see what you can do.