Evaluation of a foreign qualification for study in the Netherlands

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If you have a foreign certificate or diploma and want to study in the Netherlands, you need to have your qualification evaluated. Credential evaluation shows what Dutch qualification your diploma or certificate is equivalent to.

Why credential evaluation?

Credential evaluation shows whether:

  • your foreign qualification meets the admission requirements of the study programme you want
  • you are eligible to apply for the study programme

Schools and universities can use credential evaluation to decide whether:

  • to admit you to the study programme
  • to give you exemption from certain parts of the programme
Attention: The educational institution does not have to accept the outcome of the credential evaluation. It is only an advice, not a decision, on possible admission to the study programme.

Do I need credential evaluation?

Check the Nuffic overview of qualifications from over 95 countries and the Dutch equivalent to them.

  • If your foreign qualification is not equivalent to the Dutch one required for admission to the study programme, you need to get your diploma or certificate evaluated.
  • Even if your foreign qualification is equivalent to the Dutch one required for admission to the study programme, you will not be admitted automatically. The school or university may still ask for credential evaluation and may check if your diploma or certificate is genuine.

Applying for credential evaluation for admission to a programme of study

Through the educational institution of your choice

Contact the regional training centre (ROC), institution of higher professional education (hogeschool) or the university offering the study programme you want. If they apply for evaluation of your diploma, it does not cost you anything.

On your own initiative

If the educational institution does not apply for evaluation of your diploma, or if you prefer to make the arrangements yourself, you can apply through, the information centre for international credential evaluation. In that case, you have to pay a fee.

Go to to find out more about:


A diploma can only be evaluated if you obtained it:

  • in mainstream education at an institution that is accredited and recognised by the government of that country;
  • after completing more than 1,000 hours (one school year) of education and/or training.

If your diploma is not in Dutch, English, German or French, you need to get it translated by a sworn translator. The Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (information in Dutch) has a list of all the sworn translators in the Netherlands.

How long will it take?

After the IDW has received all your documents and you have paid the fee (if applicable), the process can begin. A regular credential evaluation takes up to 4 months.

Lost your credential evaluation?

Have you already received a credential evaluation, but have you lost it? Choose your situation to see what you can do.

    Did you receive your credential evaluation digitally less than 3 years ago? Download the credential evaluation via your Mijn IDW account. A digital credential evaluation remains available for download for 3 years.

    Your credential evaluation is no longer available. Submit a new application for a credential evaluation.