Naturalisation test abroad

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To become a naturalised Dutch citizen you must usually first pass a civic integration exam. This is also known as the naturalisation test. Passing the test proves you have knowledge of the Dutch language and Dutch society. 

If you live abroad you can take the naturalisation test at the Dutch embassy or consulate-general in the country where you live. The test is assessed by the Education Executive Agency (DUO).

Parts of the test 

The naturalisation test consists of the following parts:

  • Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM)
  • Writing Skills A2
  • Reading Comprehension A2
  • Listening Comprehension A2
  • Spoken Dutch A2

You can take each part of the test separately or all at the same time.


There are some situations in which you are not required to take the naturalisation test. Or where you are exempt from certain parts. If you think you are eligible for an exemption, discuss this with the Dutch embassy or consulate-general when you submit your naturalisation application. 

Preparing for the exam

If you have to take the naturalisation test, there are various ways to prepare. Contact the embassy in your region to find out what the options are. You’ll also find information on the various parts of the test on the DUO website. And you can do free practice tests

Registering for the naturalisation test 

To register for the naturalisation test, send an email to the Dutch embassy or consulate general in your region. 

  1. Complete the naturalisation test registration form (pdf). 
  2. Scan your valid identity document.
  3. Send the form and the scan by email to the embassy or consulate general.

Once you have registered, the embassy or consulate general will contact you to make an appointment for you to take the naturalisation test. They will also explain the payment process.

Find the contact information of the embassy or the consulate general

Test fees

The full naturalisation test costs €350. 

If you have to repeat a part of the exam, you only have to pay for that part:

  • Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM): €60.
  • Writing Skills A2: €70. 
  • Reading Comprehension A2: €70. 
  • Listening Comprehension A2: €70. 
  • Spoken Dutch A2: €80. 

After the test 

Within 8 weeks of taking the naturalisation test you will receive an email from DUO with your results. If you’ve passed the test you can apply for naturalisation. 

How do I apply to become a naturalised Dutch citizen abroad?


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.