Legalisation of documents from Somalia for use in the Netherlands

Despite the improvements in Somalia’s political situation, it is currently not possible to have documents from Somalia legalised. The Dutch authorities will check and assess your document.

Assistance from the CDC in The Hague

­The Consular Service Centre (CDC) cannot help you apply for documents or have documents legalised for you.

Documents from the embassy of Somalia in Brussels

Consular statements issued by the Somalian embassy in Brussels can be legalised by the Consular Service Centre (CDC) in The Hague. After legalisation, the statement can be used in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Please note: not all consular statements can be legalised by the CDC.

To verify if legalisation of the statement is possible, please send a scan of the document to and ask in your email if legalisation by the CDC is possible.