Can I get child benefit if I live outside the Netherlands?

If you don't live in the Netherlands, you can only receive Dutch child benefit if you are insured under the Dutch social security scheme. This depends on whether you are living or working outside the Netherlands. Your child must also live in an EU member state or a country with which the Netherlands has a reciprocal social security agreement.

Who is insured under the Dutch social security scheme?

Being ‘insured’ means being entitled to social insurance benefits. In the Netherlands this includes Anw survivor benefit, general old age pension (AOW) and child benefit. There is no need to take out an insurance policy for this like for car insurance or health insurance. If you live or work in the Netherlands, you are usually automatically insured for Dutch social insurance benefits. This is not usually the case if you live or work outside the Netherlands.

What is your situation?

Child’s country of residence

To determine whether you qualify for child benefit, the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) first checks whether you are insured under the Dutch social security scheme. If you are, the SVB looks at your child’s country of residence. 

Check if you can get child benefit in your child’s country of residence (SVB)

Supplementary child benefit

If you get Dutch child benefit, you may also qualify for supplementary child benefit. Supplementary child benefit is additional financial assistance towards the costs of raising a child under the age of 18.

Check the conditions for receiving supplementary child benefit outside the Netherlands.

My spouse and I are getting a divorce

After your divorce, the parent with whom the child lives will receive child benefit. 

If you are co-parenting, you must reach agreement on how you want the child benefit to be divided between you. Lay this down in writing. If you have not laid down any agreement in writing about the division of child benefit, each parent will get half.

A divorce usually also has consequences for the amount of supplementary child benefit you can get. If you do not currently receive supplementary child benefit, you may qualify for it after your divorce.

If you are moving abroad


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