How much child benefit can I get outside the Netherlands?

The amount of child benefit is fixed and depends on your child’s age. If you also receive benefits for your children from another country, you will not get the full benefit amount from both countries.

Check how much child benefit you can get in your country (SVB)

Child benefit amounts

The website of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) tells you what the current child benefit amounts are.

What factors influence the amount of child benefit you receive?

  • which country your child lives in
  • whether you get family benefits from a country other than the Netherlands
  • how many children you have
  • how old your children are
  • whether your child lives at home and has high-level care needs
  • whether your child lives away from home due to illness or disability, or for the purpose of education.

Check how much child benefit you can get if your child has high-level care needs

Check how much child benefit you can get if your child is living away from home

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Supplementary child benefit

If you get Dutch child benefit, you may also qualify for supplementary child benefit. Supplementary child benefit is additional financial assistance towards the costs of raising a child under the age of 18.

Check the conditions for receiving supplementary child benefit outside the Netherlands.

If you are moving abroad


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