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Reporting changes

If you receive AOW and your details or situation have changed, you must report this to the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) within 6 weeks. You can report changes online via My SVB. If this is not possible, you can contact the SVB by post.

What changes must I report?

If you live abroad and receive AOW, notify the SVB within 6 weeks of the following changes in your personal situation:

  • a change of address if you and/or your partner move house or move to another country
  • a change in your domestic situation if, for instance, you start to live with someone or separate from your partner and live alone
  • a change in your personal situation if, for instance, you marry, divorce, change nationality or your partner dies
  • a change in your or your partner’s income if you receive an AOW top-up
  • a stay in prison, a detention centre or a secure psychiatric institution

The effect of a change on your AOW pension

These changes can affect the amount of AOW pension you receive. If you want to know how they will affect your AOW pension, contact the SVB. Do you live in Türkiye, Morocco, Suriname, Spain or South Africa? Please contact the SVB office at the embassy.

How do I report changes?

You can report changes via My SVB. Log in to My SVB using your DigiD or another EU-approved login key.

Changing your bank account number via My SVB

If you want to change your bank account number via My SVB, you will need DigiD with SMS text message confirmation or the DigiD app.

If you cannot log in to My SVB

If you cannot make a change via My SVB, print out and complete the Report a Change form.

Send the form and any supporting documents to: SVB, Postbus 18002, 3501 CA Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Changing data at other organisations

Has your situation changed? If so, you may have to inform several government agencies.

Read more about changing data with the Dutch government from abroad


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.