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Reporting a death

You must inform the SVB within six weeks if a member of your immediate family who was receiving an AOW pension dies. You must report the death only if the deceased was living outside the Netherlands.

If the deceased was living in the Netherlands, you do not need to do anything. The SVB will be informed of the death automatically.

Payment of the AOW pension stops on the deceased’s death

Payment of the deceased’s AOW pension stops the day after they die. Payment of the AOW top-up and holiday allowance will also stop.

Reporting a death to the SVB

You can report the death of your partner via:

If the deceased was not your partner, you can also inform the SVB of the death by telephone.

Death grant

If your partner has died, you may qualify for a death grant. A death grant is a lump-sum payment equal to one month’s gross AOW pension.

The death grant is paid to the surviving partner. If the deceased is not your partner, it is paid to the deceased’s children under the age of 18 or the person with whom the deceased shared a household until the day of death.

If you think you qualify for a death grant but do not receive one, contact the SVB. Do you live in Türkiye, Morocco, Suriname, Spain or South Africa? Please contact the SVB office at the embassy. Apply for the death grant within one year of the death.

What you also need to arrange in the event of a death


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