Adopting a child from outside the Netherlands

It is currently possible to adopt a child from the Philippines, Hungary, Lesotho, Taiwan, Thailand or South Africa. Adopting a child from another country is only possible if you have already obtained approval to do so and the file has already been submitted in the country of origin.

Apply for approval

If you want to adopt a child from abroad, you must first apply for a declaration of approval in principle. This is a declaration stating that you are suitable to adopt a child from abroad according to the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.

How do I apply for approval to adopt a child from abroad?

What to arrange for your child?

If you are already further in the adoption procedure, there are many things you will have to arrange. These include applying for a Dutch passport for the child and having foreign documents legalised. What exactly you need to arrange depends on the stage of the procedure you are at.

I am going to collect my child from abroad

I am currently abroad with my child

I am in the Netherlands with my child