How much supplementary child benefit can I get outside the Netherlands?

How much supplementary child benefit you get if you live abroad depends on your situation. For instance, on the country where your child lives and on your income.

Factors that influence the amount of your supplementary child benefit

  • your income
  • your benefit partner’s income
  • the country your child lives in (country factor)
  • whether you get family benefits from a country other than the Netherlands
  • how many children you have
  • how old your children are
  • whether you are a single parent.

More information

Sample calculation

To get an idea of how much supplementary child benefit you could get, use the calculation tool on the Tax Administration website (information in Dutch). Are you getting family benefits from a country other than the Netherlands? Or do you live outside the EU? Then the calculation tool will only give you a rough estimate.

The calculation tool is only available in Dutch, but the international tax information line can help you.

Reporting changes

If your personal situation or your income changes, the amount of supplementary child benefit you are entitled to can also change. Notify the Tax Administration of any changes as soon as possible to avoid having to repay money that you weren’t entitled to.

Which changes do I need to report?

If you are moving abroad


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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