I’m going to study in the Netherlands and I already receive student finance from DUO. What arrangements do I need to make?

If you are studying outside the Netherlands and are going to study in the Netherlands for a short period, you may need to make changes to your student finance. 

You need to arrange this

With a student travel product you can travel free or with a discount on public transport in the Netherlands. Apply for a student travel product at least 2 months before you need it. 

You cannot have both a student travel product and a public transport allowance. If you are currently receiving a public transport allowance and you apply for a student travel product, your public transport allowance will stop automatically. Do you want to keep the public transport allowance? This is only possible if you remain registered with the educational institution outside the Netherlands and you do not apply for a student travel product.

Find out more about applying for a student travel product (DUO) 

Attention: Before you can use your student travel product you need to link it to your personal public transport smart card (OV chipkaart). Find out what you have to do to before you can travel using your student travel product (

If you are doing a vocational education course abroad and will be living away from home during your period of study in the Netherlands, you can apply for a higher basic grant. 

Find out more about the grant for MBO students living away from home (DUO) (information in Dutch)

Use the change of details form for students doing MBO courses in the Netherlands (pdf) (in Dutch) to apply for a grant for students living away from home.

  • Check your email address in Mijn DUO. If it is no longer correct, enter your new email address so that you will not miss any messages. 
  • You can also pass on a change of address in Mijn DUO. 

Logging in to Mijn DUO

If you want to arrange your student finance through Mijn DUO, you will need to login in using your DigiD or EU-recognised eID


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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