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Pensions from the Netherlands

Continue receiving pension abroad

Depending on your situation you may be able to continue receiving pension abroad. This also depends on the type of benefit you receive. The Netherlands may also have special arrangements with the country where you live or work. On you can find general information on receiving your pension or benefits abroad (information in Dutch).

You can also ask the institution that pays out your benefits or pension.

Pension via the Social Insurance Bank (SVB)

The Social Insurance Bank (SVB) pays out child benefit and pensions (AOW, ANW, AIO). If you have lived or worked in the Netherlands, you are probably entitled to Dutch state pension (AOW) even if you now live outside the Netherlands. But please note that you must apply for this pension yourself on time. You should also note that the state pension age in the Netherlands is gradually being raised.

Read more about applying for AOW if you live outside the Netherlands.

Exemption from salaries tax and national insurance contributions

It is possible that you are paying tax on your Dutch state pension in both the country you live in and the Netherlands.  In some cases you may be exempt from paying this tax.

You can apply for an exemption by completing this form (aanvraagformulier, information in Dutch) from the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst).

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