What is the ID check in the DigiD app?

The ID check in the DigiD app is a one-off check of your passport, driving licence or identity card. Some organisations require you to carry out an ID check when logging in.

Extra check

When you carry out an ID check, you use a Dutch identity document to confirm you are who you say you are. The check will only have to be done once.

Log in anywhere

Once you have completed the ID check in the DigiD app, you can log in with any organisations requiring DigiD.

Which devices are compatible?

To carry out an ID check you will need a valid Dutch identity document and a telephone or tablet with an NFC reader. The NFC reader reads information from the chip in your identity document. Consult the manual for your telephone or tablet to find out whether it has an NFC reader.

If your phone or tablet is not compatible, use the CheckID app.

Compatible mobile phones and tablets

Android smartphone or tablet

  • with Android 7.0 operating system, or higher
  • with activated DigiD app
  • with NFC reader


  • model 7 or newer
  • with iOS 13.2 operating system, or higher
  • with activated DigiD app

Which identity documents can I use?

  • Your Dutch driving licence (issued after 14 November 2014)
  • Your Dutch passport or identity card. Please note, you must have applied for this passport or identity card while you still lived in the Netherlands. Passports issued by embassies, consulates, border municipalities and the Schiphol desk are not suitable.


None of your personal details are saved when the ID check is carried out. DigiD will only register in your DigiD account that the check has been completed successfully.

Don't have the DigiD app yet?

If you don’t already have the DigiD app on your telephone or tablet, you will first need to download it.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.