I am going to study or do an internship abroad. How will this affect my health insurance?

If you will be studying abroad, you can only keep your Dutch health insurance if you will not be working in addition to your studies. In some cases, internships are also classed as work.

Working while studying abroad

If you will be working while studying abroad, you will no longer be insured under the Chronic Care Act (Wlz) or the Health Insurance Act (ZVW). You will therefore need to take out health insurance abroad.

Doing an internship abroad

If you are doing an internship or work placement abroad the government in that country may class your activities as work, even if you receive an allowance rather than a wage. This varies from country to country. If your internship is classed as work, you cannot keep your Dutch health insurance. On the website of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) you can find out what applies in your situation.

Terminating Dutch health insurance policy

If you cannot keep your Dutch health insurance, terminate it as soon as possible. Stop any healthcare benefit (zorgtoeslag) you may receive too. You can take out health insurance abroad and/or purchase international insurance.

How can I arrange health insurance abroad?

You are a family member of a cross-border commuter

If you are insured as a family member on the policy of someone who works in the Netherlands and lives abroad and you are going to study in another country, ask the CAK how you should arrange your health insurance.

Contact the CAK

What you also need to arrange if you’re going abroad to study or do an internship

Check what else you need to arrange if you are going to:


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