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Renewing your Dutch driving licence in the Philippines

If you live in the Philippines and your Dutch driving licence has (almost) expired, you can renew it. You can also apply for a Philippine one if you stay longer than one month.

Renewing your driving licence

If you have the nationality of an EU/EEA country, you can renew your driving licence via the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW), even if it has already expired. Follow the steps to apply for a new driving licence.

Attention: Please note: The RDW does not send post abroad. You will therefore need to provide a correspondence address in the Netherlands to which forms and your driving licence can be sent. This could, for example, be the address of a family member or friend.

Step 1: Request an application form

You can request an application form for renewing your driving licence from the RDW's website.

Step 2: Collect the right documents

You will need the following original documents:

  • your Dutch driving licence
  • a photocopy of your valid travel document, e.g. a passport or identity card 
  • a completed and signed application form
  • 1 colour passport photo that meets Dutch passport photo requirements and is less than 6 months old. 

In the following situations you will need to supply additional documents. Click on the situation(s) that applies (apply) to you for more information.

Step 3: Submit your documents

Send all the documents needed for your application to the RDW: 

RDW, Unit Rijbewijzen
Postbus 9000
9640 HA Veendam

Step 4: Pay the fee

Pay the fee for your application for a new driving licence. Scroll to ‘Kosten’ on the RDW's website to find out what the fee is and how to pay it. 

The RDW will not assess your application until the fee has been paid. If your application is approved the RDW will send your new driving licence to your correspondence address in the Netherlands within 10 working days. If your application is rejected you will receive a letter explaining why.

Applying for a Philippine driving licence

Your Dutch driving licence is valid in the Philippines for 120 days, the maximum length of a tourist visa. After that, you are required to hold a Philippine driving licence. You don't need to do a practical driving test, but you will have to pass a written theory test.

You can apply for a Philippine driving licence on the website of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). If the LTO asks for proof in English that you have a valid Dutch driving licence, you can apply for a certificate of authenticity (echtheidsverklaring) at the RDW (information in Dutch). A certificate of authenticity is an original certified document, in English, stating that your driving licence is listed in the Dutch Central Driving Licences Register. It also provides details such as licence number and vehicle categories.

The LTO may also request a translation of your driving licence. For this, you can use an International Driving Permit (IDP).

If you do not own an IDP, please view the general translation of a Dutch driving licence. You can present this document, in combination with your Dutch driving licence, at the LTO. The embassy in Manila does not issue individual translations of Dutch driving licences.

Attention: Your Philippine driving licence may be valid for longer or shorter than your Dutch driving licence.