Activating the DigiD app outside the Netherlands

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Before you can use the DigiD app, you will need to activate it. How you do this abroad depends on your situation. Select your situation and read what you must do.

Attention: If you do not have a DigiD you will first need to apply for a DigiD and activate your DigiD account. You can then activate the DigiD app.

Choose your situation

If you have activated your DigiD and log in with a username and password, you can activate the DigiD app using an ID check. If you log in with SMS, you can activate using an ID check or SMS verification. When you log in to the app it will automatically show you how to activate the app.

Forgot your username or password?

Have you forgotten your DigiD username? Then apply for a new DigiD. Have you forgotten your password? Then you can reset your password via