Registering a birth in Georgia

If your child is born in Georgia, the birth has to be registered at the House of Justice. You can acknowledge parentage of the child in Georgia or in the Netherlands.

Registering a birth

If your child is born outside the Netherlands, the birth must be registered with the local authorities, in Georgia this is the House of Justice ( The hospital where the child is born will issue an official statement regarding the birth, the name of the child and its parents. The hospital will forward this official statement to the House of Justice. The parent(-s) or legal representative can apply for the birth certificate at the Justice House (in any region, all Houses of Justice in Georgia are connected and can provide any information to anyone from any region).

It is not possible to registrar the birth at the Dutch embassy in Tbilisi.

Registering a foreign birth certificate in the Netherlands

You can register the foreign birth certificate in the Netherlands. This is not compulsory, but it can be useful – for example if you or the child later need a copy or extract of the birth certificate.

If you have registered a birth with the local authorities of Georgia, the birth certificate is a foreign document. In many cases, this foreign document will need to be legalised before it can be used in the Netherlands. Both Georgia and The Netherlands are a member of the Apostille Convention.

Rules for registering a birth and choice of name

You can find the Dutch rules for registering a birth and choosing a name for the child at In Georgia the name of the child is registered by the Hospital that will issue the official statement of birth. These details will be copied onto the birth certificate. There are no special rules or requirements in Georgia for naming a child.

Acknowledging parentage of a child while abroad

If you want to acknowledge parentage of a child while being in Georgia, this is also done via the House of Justice.

Acknowledging parentage in the Netherlands of a child born abroad

If your child is born abroad you can acknowledge parentage in the Netherlands at any time. So it's not a problem if acknowledging the child abroad is not possible. You can also authorize someone to do this on your behalf in the Netherlands. For more information about acknowledging parentage of a child visit

Registering a birth in this country or region

Please find herewith the direct link to the House of Justice in Georgia for additional details and related topics: