Legalisation of documents from American Samoa for use in the Netherlands

If you want to use a document from American Samoa in the Netherlands, you must have it legalised by the local American authorities in Pago Pago.

Due to the coronavirus, the possibilities to have foreign documents legalised at an embassy or consulate-general are limited. To see if it is possible to make an appointment, please check the online appointment system (unless otherwise indicated). If no times are available, it is not yet possible. Do you only need to have your documents legalised by the local authorities? Then check with the local authorities if that is possible.

Which documents can be legalised?

You can have various documents legalised, such as diplomas and certificates. The most common documents are extracts from civil status records:

  • an official copy of a birth certificate
  • an official copy of a marriage certificate
  • an official copy of a death certificate

You can get these documents from the American Samoan Government, Office of Vital Statistics, Pago Pago.

Certificate of unmarried status

Ask the American Samoan authorities where you can get this document.

Official copy of a divorce certificate

You can get this document from the High Court of American Samoa in Pago Pago.

Where and how can you have your document legalised?

Have your document from American Samoa legalised by the local American authorities in Pago Pago. To find out how this works, go to Legalisation of documents from the United States for use in the Netherlands.