Childcare benefit payments outside the Netherlands

Childcare benefit is transferred to your bank account every month. It is usually paid by the Tax Administration, but may also be paid by the Social Insurance Bank (SVB).

Payment dates

The Tax Administration pays out childcare benefit on a monthly basis. An overview of benefit payment dates (information in Dutch) is available on the Tax Administration website.

Attention: If you have a non-Dutch bank account, it may take longer for the payment to appear in your account. Exactly how long depends on your bank.

Bank account number

Your childcare benefit will be paid into the bank account you specified in your application. You can view your details in Mijn toeslagen (information in Dutch). You will need a DigiD to log in. If you don’t already have a DigiD, find out how to apply for a DigiD from abroad.

Payment from the SVB

If you receive family benefits from the country you live in, that will affect how much childcare benefit you receive from the Netherlands. Your benefit will be paid by the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) at the end of each quarter.


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