How much childcare benefit can I receive outside the Netherlands?

The amount of childcare benefit you can receive if you live outside the Netherlands depends on your situation.

What factors influence the amount of childcare benefit you can receive?

  • your income
  • your benefit partner’s income
  • whether you receive family benefits from a country other than the Netherlands
  • the number of hours of childcare you pay for
  • the number of children you have attending childcare
  • whether your child attends daycare or out-of-school care
  • the hourly rate of the childcare centre your child attends

Additional information

Calculate approximate benefit amount

The Tax Administration has a calculation tool you can use to get an idea of how much childcare benefit you could receive. If you receive family benefits from another country, the estimate may not be as accurate.

The calculation tool is only available in Dutch. Contact the tax information line for non-residents if you need assistance.

Reporting a change in your situation

If there’s a change in your situation (for example, a change in your income, in the number of childcare hours you pay for or in the type of childcare your child attends), the amount of benefit you are entitled to may change. Report any change in your situation to the Tax Administration as soon as possible to avoid having to later repay childcare benefit you were not entitled to.

Which changes do I need to report?

If you are moving abroad


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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