Am I entitled to Dutch childcare benefit outside the Netherlands?

If you live or work outside the Netherlands, you may be entitled to Dutch childcare benefit. The childcare centre your child attends must be registered with the Education Executive Agency (DUO). Your benefit partner must also meet certain conditions.

Your situation

Benefit partner

If you live together with someone, that person may be your benefit partner. Check whether you have a benefit partner (information in Dutch) by answering the questions on the Tax Administration website. The Tax Administration uses the combined incomes of both benefit partners to calculate the amount of benefit to be received.

Conditions your benefit partner must meet

If you apply for childcare benefit from outside the Netherlands, your benefit partner must meet the following conditions:

  • Your benefit partner lives in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.
  • Your benefit partner works, is on a path towards work, is studying or is taking a course for the Dutch civic integration exam. This can be in the Netherlands or in the country where your benefit partner lives.
  • Your benefit partner has a citizen service number (BSN). Your child must also have a BSN.

The childcare centre must be registered with the Education Executive Agency (DUO)

If your child attends a childcare centre outside the Netherlands, one of the conditions for receiving childcare benefit is that the centre must be in the Foreign Childcare Register. The register includes childcare centres that meet the relevant Dutch requirements.

If the childcare centre is not in the register or if its registration is due to expire within 6 months, you can apply to DUO to register or reregister your childcare centre.

Read more about the Foreign Childcare Register (DUO) (information in Dutch)

If you are moving abroad


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