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Voting from abroad by post

If you are registered as a Dutch voter abroad, you will receive your voting documents by post and/or email. To vote, you must return these documents by post to the postal vote polling station in The Hague or to the Dutch embassy in your country of residence. 

Your voting documents

  • 12 weeks before the elections
    Around 12 weeks before the election the Municipality of The Hague will post your postal vote certificate to you, together with a return envelope and an envelope for your ballot paper. Keep these documents safe and do not send them back at this time.
  • 4 weeks before the elections
    Around 4 weeks before the elections the municipality will send you a ballot paper, and a candidate list. When registering you can indicate whether you wish to receive these by email or post. You will also receive detailed instructions about how to send back your vote, which you must do by post.

Other ways to vote

If the postal service in the country where you live is slow or unreliable, you can arrange for someone in the Netherlands to vote on your behalf. This is possible for elections for the Dutch House of Representatives and the European Parliament.

If you are in the Netherlands at the time of these election, you can vote in a Dutch municipality.

Attention: It is not possible to vote by proxy or at a polling station in the Netherlands in elections for the non-residents electoral college for the Senate. In these elections you can only vote by post.

Not yet registered to vote?

In order to vote while abroad you must register as a Dutch voter abroad.

Read more about registering as a Dutch voter abroad.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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