Provisional tax assessment outside the Netherlands

If you live abroad and have to pay tax in the Netherlands or receive a tax refund from the Netherlands, you can possibly apply for a provisional assessment. You will then pay or be refunded a given amount of tax every month.

What is a provisional tax assessment?

If you are issued a tax provisional assessment, you will receive a tax refund or pay your tax in monthly instalments. You then do not need to wait for an assessment after you have filed a tax return. You must apply for a provisional assessment yourself. You can do this by completing a form.

Submit the provisional assessment form

The form to apply for a provisional assessment can be completed on paper only. Always complete the form in full and post it to the Tax Administration. The Tax Administration will send you a new provisional assessment (information in Dutch) within eight weeks of receiving the form. How long it takes to reach you depends on the postal service in your country of residence. Do not make any payments before you receive your provisional assessment.

You only have to apply once

You only have to apply for a provisional assessment once. Afterwards you will receive a letter from the Tax Administration in December every year, stating the amount you will pay or be refunded in the following year. The letter will also include the information underlying the assessment. Check the information and inform the Tax Administration of any corrections if necessary.


Always inform the Tax Administration of any changes in your situation. The Tax Administration bases your provisional assessment on information from previous years. If, for instance, you do not inform us that your income has changed, your provisional assessment will be too high or too low. You will have to make an additional payment (plus interest) or receive a refund after the end of the year.

Until when can I apply for or amend a provisional assessment?

The latest date on which you can apply for or amend a provisional assessment depends on whether you have to file an income tax return for the year in question.

Paying a provisional assessment

You will receive a giro collection slip (acceptgiro) to pay your provisional assessment. If you do not use it, transfer the amount due stating the payment reference. The reference is written on the giro collection slip.

If you are moving abroad


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.