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I am going to live outside the Netherlands. Will my surviving dependants still be able to receive surviving dependants’ benefit?

If you die while living outside the Netherlands your surviving dependants won’t usually receive surviving dependants’ benefit, unless you were insured under the Anw scheme. Your surviving dependants will also have to meet the other conditions for receiving surviving dependants’ benefit.

Who is insured under the Anw scheme?

Being ‘insured’ means being entitled to social insurance benefits. In the Netherlands this includes surviving dependants’ benefit, general old age pension and child benefit. There is no need to take out an insurance policy for this like for car insurance or health insurance. People who live or work in the Netherlands are usually automatically insured for social insurance benefits. People outside the Netherlands are not usually insured for Dutch social insurance benefits.

In what situations am I insured under the Anw scheme outside the Netherlands?

If you live outside the Netherlands you may still be insured under the Anw scheme. This applies in the following situations:

  • You are employed in the Netherlands and you pay tax and social insurance contributions there
  • You have a business in the Netherlands and pay taxes there
  • You have been seconded from the Netherlands
  • You work as a Dutch civil servant outside the Netherlands
  • You work in international transport for a Dutch company
  • You are studying abroad temporarily and are not working
  • You are receiving care in certain institutions outside the Netherlands.

If you do not know whether or not you are insured, for example because you work in more than one country or have more than one employer, contact the SVB to discuss your personal situation.

If you live in Spain, Türkiye, Morocco, Suriname or South Africa, you can contact the SVB office at the Dutch embassy.

Voluntary Anw insurance

If you are no longer insured under the Anw scheme, you can opt for voluntary insurance. You then pay an annual premium to the SVB.

Attention: If you take out voluntary insurance this does not always mean that your surviving dependants will receive benefit if you die. They must also meet certain conditions.
Attention: It is likely that you are insured in the country where you live or can opt for voluntary insurance for surviving dependants’ benefit. You can decide yourself whether you want to be insured in the country where you live or in the Netherlands.


The premiums for voluntary Anw insurance change each year. The amount you pay depends on your income.

Calculate your premium on the website of the SVB (information in Dutch).

Requesting a quote

If you would like to take out voluntary insurance for surviving dependants’ benefit with the SVB, first request a quote. This can be done in 3 ways:

If your personal situation changes

Check what else you need to arrange in the following situations:


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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